“The wine merchant’s maxim, ‘buy on an apple, sell on cheese‘ has a sound basis on gustatory fact. Fresh, uncooked apples, like most fruits high in both sweetness and acidity, make many wines taste thin and metallic; any wine that impressed when tasted with an apple must have been seriously good.”

-The Oxford Companion to Wine, edited by Jancis Robinson

This blog is written by someone who has no credentials as a cook other than working alongside family members and international friends to make delicious dishes. Out of a love of good food, good books, and fiction-writing, this blog was born.

It quickly deteriorated by trying to be everything–writing blog, reading blog, and cooking blog, so as of January 2017 has simply become a cooking blog.

Influential sites and posts have been Red Owl Kitchen, and The Outlander Kitchen.

The writer here, Rochelle, is open to collaboration and receiving guest posts. See the contact page for more, or find and send her a message on the Tumblr. You can also find her at Goodreads.