Getting back into healthy (kind of)

Topping: A simplified version of this yummy recipe by Alison on Allrecipes. 1 cup Quinoa rinsed then boiled, per instructions on your Quinoa bag/box/the internet. Into a small bowl mix a pinch of salt and lime juice of 1.5 limes. Pour over chilled Quinoa and add dried cranberries and cilantro to your taste. Baby spinach…

Cranberry Oatmeal

Irish breakfast tea with milk and blueberries on the side of my morning oats: 1/2 cup quick oats +1c. water and a handful of dried cranberries, microwave for 2 min., add about 1/4 c. almond milk.

Chicken Veg Korma

I used Patak’s Korma sauce, but while the label just says to add chicken, I also added carrots, red bell pepper, and sweet peas. I have a cheap pot which doesn’t adequately seal off, even around the lip, so I always wrap plastic wrap over the lid when steaming rice.Obviously , this could be a…

Refocusing this blog

Take a gander at the ‘about’ page and you’ll notice that I’m about to do things differently here. Long story short, I’ll leave the ruminating over books and writing to another blog and just post recipes I try out here. It keeps me motivated to cook well when I rummage in the kitchen and think,…

The Things That Trouble Us

Teenage fuck-ups and Kelly Link’s “Get in Trouble”, writing weakness, and a refreshing date-apple-celery snack.


The theme, ‘Architecture’, is hard to isolate as the subject of a photo. Is a shot of the space-users’ equipment superfluous? Are fans appliances, or are they necessary elements of the space? And what about a room full of doorknobs?

A Pop of Color

    This challenge was the hardest to decide on a subject for. It’s Day Nine in the Developing Your Eye Course I photo challenge series, and the theme is to make a color the eye-catching element in the frame. What do you think? I also got this dynamic angle below, but the lighting wasn’t…


  As you can tell– from the picture, from my blog — I have always loved reading. And while I generally have no personal preference between the act of reading physical texts versus electronic ones, as someone who has travelled internationally and moved quite a few times, the space-saving capabilities of my Kindle are really…


Day Seven: “Big” in the WordPress Developing Your Eye I Course.My other favorite from today was just a close-up:


  I’m not confident with this photo. But guys, I took so many photos for this prompt and this was honestly the most fit. Day Six in WordPress’ Developing Your Eye I – the theme is “Solitude.” I tried.


My mother made that bowl in her pottery class and gave it to me. A close friend shipped me the pencils, bound in twine (and labeled, “for decorative use only”) as a thoughtful birthday present. This is Day Five in WordPress’ Developing Your Eye Course I. The theme was ‘Connect’, while the challenge was to tag…


  Trail running is my favorite hobby I don’t get to indulge in often enough, especially having been sick. Now that I’m better, I’m looking forward to sweating amid the pine trees again. I’m participating in WordPress’ course Developing Your Eye I, and this is Day Four, with the photo theme of ‘bliss.’ My other…