Above is the best of today’s shots, Day Three in the Developing Your Eye I Course by WordPress. Do you agree? The other contenders from today’s adventures are tiled below. I took the theme of ‘water’ very literally because, in addition to the ‘image orientation’ concept, I wanted to play around with shutter speed and…


Day Two in the Developing Your Eye I Course with WordPress. The runner-up image doesn’t have much difference between foreground and background, but turned out the nicest in today’s set:


…is where I write like a MF and my cat sniffs everything. (mug is from therumpus.net, quote is from Dear Sugar)

Carving the Future

One thing I can appreciate at this early stage is the importance of dreams and stories within the stories as prophecies for future character dilemmas.

Moving Day in 11, 10, 9…

*spoilers for The Count of Monte Cristo (book) below* After getting encephalitis and not quite recovering for work in a timely manner, I’m leaving China in a few weeks. I’m excited to once again enjoy the luxuries of dryers, non-smoking restaurants, and traffic laws that are regularly obeyed. I’m not so excited to face high…

Incognito Salat Olivier

Of Edmond Dantes’ many names, 3rd person omniscient narrators, and a Russian potato salad.